In 1972, Grasim’s chemicals business was set up to manufacture caustic soda for the company’s VSF unit. Today, it is one of India’s largest caustic soda producers and is a market leader in the chlor-alkali segment.  Over the years, Grasim’s chemicals business has created a strong foothold in the industry and offers a wide range of products from chlorine derivatives to epoxy.


In 2016, Grasim’s merger with Aditya Birla Chemicals India Ltd. (ABCIL) helped catapult the company’s caustic soda capacity from 452 KTPA to 884 KTPA making it the largest producer of caustic soda in India back then. Today, Grasim’s total caustic soda capacity is 1,147 KTPA.

The business uses cost-effective membrane cell technology and is largely self-sufficient in power. For gainful utilisation of chlorine, the business has portfolio of chlorine derivatives like Stable Bleaching Powder (SBP), Polyaluminium Chloride (PAC), Chlorosulphonic Acid (CSA), Chlorinated Paraffin Wax (CPW), Calcium Chloride (CaCl) and Aluminium Chloride (AlCl).


The business’ epoxy products range from basic products like liquid epoxy resins to value added products like formulated resins, reactive diluents and hardeners. The manufacturing complex at Vilayat houses a 123 KTPA capacity epoxy plant. 

  • 8 caustic soda manufacturing units across India
  • 1,147 KTPA total caustic soda capacity
  • 123 KTPA capacity epoxy plant
  • ~1 million tonnes of caustic sales


Epoxy, Vilayat
123 KTPA
Nagda, Madhya Pradesh
270 KTPA
India’s largest caustic soda unit, Grasim’s unit in Nagda, Madhya Pradesh was started with an initial capacity of 33 KTPA and has since grown to 270 KTPA.
Vilayat, Gujarat
365 KTPA
Caustic Soda - Commissioned in 2013, the plant in Vilayat, Gujarat manufactures 365 KTPA of caustic soda making Grasim the largest chlor-alkali player in India.
Renukoot, Uttar Pradesh
Renukoot, Uttar Pradesh
129 KTPA
Caustic Soda: Renukoot Chemical Division (RCD), Grasim’s chlor-alkali unit was formed after the acquisition of the Chloro Chemicals Division of Kanoria Chemicals in May 2011
Rehla, Jharkhand,
110 KTPA
Caustic Soda
Ganjam, Odisha,
Caustic Soda
Veraval, Gujarat
Caustic Soda
Karwar, Karnataka
Caustic Soda - Grasim’s Karvar Chemical division helped the company consolidate its efforts in South India
Balabhadhrapuram, Andhra Pradesh
146 KTPA
Caustic Soda

Research & development

Customers are at the heart of Grasim’s chemical business with research focused on developing various products for different customer segments. Dedicated teams of scientists across locations study various customer segments to develop customised products. With a strong emphasis on innovation, different variants of each product are made to cater to customers’ specific needs. In-house research centres work towards improving and optimising key operating processes and practices and enhancing equipment reliability and asset integrity. Health and safety is another segment the R&D units focus on. The goal is to ensure health, safety and environment processes and systems are improved and in-line with the latest needs.