At Grasim, Innovation means Progress

Our research & development continues to focus on creation of brand-new processes. This is aimed at making a step-change reduction in material consumption and fulfilling our vision of creating new global benchmarks. This is what leads us to enjoy a leadership position in an increasingly competitive market of the future.

Our breakthroughs in R&D, together with successful development of several new fibre products and processes, are opening up future opportunities. These opportunities enable us to participate and lead in our area of operation, and grants the potential for exponential capacity increases in the future.

The approach to synergistically integrate all functions implies that innovation and change management is guided through a stage-gate process. Here, manufacturing, marketing and R&D are brought together to work on projects from concept to commercialisation.

We are also innovating in process control by finding clever ways to implement statistical process control. Our plants have increased their capability to eliminate stoppages and defects.

Newly Commissioned State of the Art Speciality Fibre Plant: Gujarat (Kharach)

Sowing Seeds of our Passion

Exclusive R&D Centres for VSF


Exclusive R&D Centres for Chlor-Alkali, Epoxy, Insulator


Number of Employees in R&D team

Introduction of new products, such as specialty fibre and antimicrobial fibres, provides a sustainable alternative to conventional fibres that require excessive use of water and chemicals.

Our product applications directly contribute to generation and growth of renewable energy sector. It also reduces carbon footprints through usage of epoxy in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

Current area of work include recycling of pre and post consumer waste as raw material in order to achieve complete circularity in value chain.

State-of-the-art research and development centre set up at Kharach, Gujarat

Driven by a strong team of research scientists, respected in the industry and textile community

One of its kind in the world: A total solution provider to the global man-made cellulose textile, clothing & made-ups industry

Deploys the best of diverse technologies for small sampling, mid-bulk in yarn, fabric, apparel & made-ups for different applications

Centre for Innovation-TRADC

The Textile Research and Application Development Centre (TRADC)