Chemicals - Surpassing 1-million-tonne mark in caustic soda sales


Net Revenue






We are the largest caustic soda producers in India with significant integration and a capacity of 1,147 KTPA. Our largest end-consumers are alumina, textiles, and others. Our net sales in Caustic Soda surpassed the 1-million-tonne mark during the year - a new benchmark set by any Indian company.
During the year, we acquired the Chlor-Alkali facility of KPR Industries at Balabhadrapuram in Andhra Pradesh.
Our total Caustic Soda capacities are set to increase from 1,147 KTPA to 1,457 KTPA by FY21.
We are also making investments in expanding production of chlorine value-added products. Chlorine, a chemical produced as a by-product during production of caustic soda, will drive the overall growth of the business.
We are one of the leading epoxy resin manufacturers globally. Epoxy resin is a versatile product, which finds its application across industries viz. automotive, construction, heavy engineering, transport, electronics, food and beverage, packing and coatings, thereby touching the lives of everyone. Our product applications directly contribute to the generation and growth of the renewable energy sector. The use of epoxy in the automotive and aerospace sector reduces the use of metal, and thereby environmental impact of its use.