Forest to Fashion, Sustainable Solutions

On the back of the success of brand Liva, we launched our eco-enhanced VSF variant Livaeco. Derived from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified pulp, based on wood sourced from sustainable forests, Livaeco helps in conserving bio-diversity, protecting endangered forests and in increasing overall green cover.

Pivoted on Sustainability

Livaeco is a natural based fabric that provides a unique combination of fluidity and luxurious softness

It saves water, increases forest cover and reduces CO2 emission in its manufacturing process and lowers reenhouse gas emissions

Every Livaeco garment has a unique tracer which helps trace the origin and full journey of garment across the entire supply chain


No. of Top Brands Covered


No. of Cities where Livaeco is available


Exclusive business outlets, large-format stores and multi-brand outlets

Livaeco - Promoting Greener, Sustainable Fashion:

100% sustainable and responsible forestry


Low water consumption


Low greenhouse gas emission


Fastest bio-degradability


Traceability of source

Chain Img
Chain Img