Sustainable Value Creation

Business success means creating value for the environment, society and business. And that’s the reason sustainability has been reinforced as a cornerstone of our strategy. We stand committed to sustainable and responsible viscose production. Our businesses are deeply committed to improve the environmental footprint across the value chain–from forest to fibre.

At Grasim, we have a strong conviction–that growth cannot be sustainable if it is achieved at the cost of our planet and its resources. We understand future sustainability trends and derive appropriate measures for us to seize business opportunities and minimise risks across the value chain.


in Water Consumption


Waste Water Discharge


Sulfur Emission

Sustainability has been a part of our Group’s philosophy since inception. Our endeavour is to build a green environment and minimise pollution and waste generation. This is being achieved through continuous adoption of new processes and technologies. We are also promoting the use of renewable sources and reduce energy consumption and an end-to-end safety focus.

Value to Society

We are developing an agile, customer-centric organisation and a stronger business model to create sustainable value. Our approach is to optimise the use of our resources to create financial, environmental, social and economic wealth. We are working with industry peers and NGOs for setting up global norms in the man-made cellulosic fibre industry, with a key aim to achieve better environmental performance.

Assessing Economic, Environmental and Social Impact:

Commissioned 3rd Generation 16 KTPA Specialty Fibre plant using in-house Green technology to enable entry into newer end-use segments with superior quality offerings.


Strengthened environmental credentials by launching Livaeco: Eco-enhanced variant of LIVA with ‘End-to- End’ traceability, a first in the country.


Achieved lowest water consumption per tonne of VSF globally; Introduced multiple water conservation measures to ensure reduction, recycle and reuse water in all units.


In progress to achieve zero-liquid discharge at Rehla and Ganjam plants of Chemicals division.


New initiatives under implementation for reducing water consumption across businesses.


Continuous focus on improving energy efficiency across businesses; Adding renewable energy sources in the overall power mix.


Tracking movement of chlorine [tonner] right from delivery from factory to customer’s end through our mobile application Suraksha. This provides customers real-time feedback on safety issues and also achieve immediate response from the experts.


Water - A key area of focus

Water has been a key focus area for us. We are constantly developing new techniques to enable water savings for every metre of fibre manufactured. Today, we are in the lowest specific water consumption globally in the viscose industry.