Idea Cellular Limited (“Idea”) is the third largest wireless operator in India with a Revenue Market Share (RMS) of 18.8% (Q4FY17). In the 15 Established Service Areas, its RMS stands at a strong level of 21.8% (Q4FY17). The company carried around 2.76 billion minutes on a daily basis during Q1FY18. Idea is the sixth largest mobile telecommunications company (counted on operations in a single country) in the world based on number of subscribers (GSMA Intelligence, as of March31, 2017). The Company is listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in India with a market capitalisation of Rs307 billion (as on June 30, 2017).

Voice business
Idea provides Pan India GSM mobile services in all 22 service areas of India. In the March’15 spectrum auction, Idea successfully secured 900 MHz spectrum in all nine service areas due for the telecom licenses expiring in December 2015/April 2016. After including 7 new telecom licenses and spectrum acquired in November 2012 auction, Idea achieved the highest renewal among the incumbent operators, at 16 out of 22 service areas, laying solid foundation for growth of business till year 2035 (2032 for 7 licenses).

Broadband Services

3G Services
Idea provides 3G services in 21 service areas of India (except Orissa), including through Intra-Circle Roaming (ICR) arrangements with other operators. In October, 2016 spectrum auction Idea Cellular prudently acquired 5 MHz spectrum in 2100MHz frequency band in high population service areas of Bihar and Rajasthan to offer 3G services. The company owns 17 carriers (15 on 2100 MHz and 2 on 900 MHz), to offer 3G services in 15 service areas. These 15 service areas cover ~86% of its revenue, ~85% of its subscribers and ~69% of national mobile industry revenue. Idea launched its 3G services in Bihar & Rajasthan in Q4FY17. As of 30th June 2017, Idea 3G services has expanded on its own spectrum to (excluding 3G ICR) to 4,304 towns and 89,172 villages in 15 service areas covering 422 million Indians, representing 47.1% of population in these 15 service areas.

4G Services In the October 2016 spectrum auction, Idea had acquired 2x64.6 MHz (FDD) spectrum in frequency bands of 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz to expand its 4G spectrum ownership from 11 to 20 service areas (excluding Delhi & Kolkata), covering 9 new service areas of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh (West), Uttar Pradesh (East), Bihar & Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Mumbai, West Bengal, Assam and Jammu & Kashmir. Further, with acquisition of 200 MHz (TDD) spectrum in frequency band of 2300 MHz and 2500 MHz, Idea has acquired spectrum to address the future requirement of capacity. The Company now holds 57 4G carriers (across 20 service areas) in comparison to 12 carriers before the October 2016 auction. The 4G spectrum profile of the company covers ~94% of its own revenue and ~90% of industry revenue in these 20 service areas. The Company launched 4G services in Mumbai circle in May, 2017. With this, the Company has completed its 4G footprint in all the 20 service areas where Idea owns 4G Spectrum. As on 30th June, 2017, the Company’s 4G services are available in 4,113 towns and 42,566 villages across 20 service areas, covering 353 million Indians, representing 30.2% of population in these 20 circles.

Digital Services
On January 30, 2017, the Company announced its arrival into the digital world with the launch of 3 new exciting mobile apps – Idea Music Lounge, Idea Movie Club, and Idea Game Spark – giving birth to a “Digital Idea”. These digital content applications will serve as a one-stop entertainment destination initially for Idea subscribers, providing access to a large collection of popular and premium content at their fingertips, including a rich assortment of Hindi, vernacular and international content. Idea Music Lounge, Idea Movie Club, and Idea Game Spark offer a complete suite of digital entertainment services.

  • Idea Music Lounge offers a rich library of nearly 3 million Indian and international music tracks, which will be expanding to nearly 20 million tracks soon and is available on Google Play Store and iOS store. Idea Music Lounge hosts diverse content not only across 13 Indian languages, including Bollywood, South Indian cinema etc, but also across International artists, albums and tracks from several major music labels. As of June 30 2017, around 2 million customers have installed the app.

  • Idea Movie Club caters to the ever-growing video content needs of consumers, offering thousands of blockbuster movies, Live TV, 7 days catch-up TV, along with a series of original content and Short Videos across all genres and several languages. The rich content of videos and movies from Bollywood, South Indian & regional cinema will appeal to people across all age groups, including kids, for whom there are a host of animation and learning videos. Live and Catch up TV including premium channels, is offered in collaboration with Ditto TV. The app is available on Google Play Store and iOS store. As of June 30, 2017 more than 1.5 million customers have installed the app.

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