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22 May 2015

Birla Cellulose hosts 'vision sustainability 2020' seminar
22 May 2015

Birla Cellulose partnered with Control Union (CU), an international network of inspection operations and certifications with dedicated laboratories to organise ‘Vision Sustainability 2020’ seminar in Tirupur.

“With environment pollution at its peak, the seminar held even more importance than before as it brought sustainability awareness across the entire textile value chain,” Birla Cellulose said in a press release.

According to Birla Cellulose, the event gathered eminent speakers from the industry who spoke on challenges for sustainable means of textile processing, sustainable clothing and industrial growth.

Birla Cellulose said it is taking the initiative and partnering Control Union to focus on every part of the textile value chain.

Dr. Binay Kumar Chaudhary from Control Union shared details about CU’s certifications and inspection operations for a sustainable textile industry.

He was followed by representatives from various companies who too shared the initiatives they have adopted to achieve sustainable means of production.

Rohan Batra who heads special projects at Birla Cellulose presented on ‘Heart of Sustainability and its Execution’ at Birla Cellulose.

Batra highlighted the aspect of sustainability being given consideration even while designing the brand logo of Birla Cellulose.

In explaining, he stated, “The circle signifies the cycle of nature & sustainability and floating leaves symbolise comfort and lightness.”

“The leaves fall & grow all over again and they are a renewable resource of nature. Birla Cellulose is much like these leaves and our products are made from the same trees,” he too added.

He spoke at length about sustainability, explaining the efforts at Birla Cellulose right from seeding to pulping, to processing and manufacturing.

He shared details on the endeavours of the Pulp and Fibre business of the Aditya Birla Group and their vision to become the industry leader by 2017 for sustainable business practices.

“Birla Cellulose’s leadership in creating awareness and best practices in sustainability has progressed with leading brands,” Batra informed.

Viscose is uniquely placed amongst the category of fibres as it is a manmade fibre and yet is natural being made from a natural and renewable resource like wood pulp coupled with engineered precision of manmade fibres.

“It is one of the most sustainable in terms of raw material, life cycle assessments (LCA) and eco friendliness of the product.” Batra averred.

He spoke about their responsible wood sourcing policy and explained how Birla Cellulose strictly adheres to all environment laws and regulations applied by respective countries for wood sources.

“Our key raw material, wood pulp is sourced through a responsible wood sourcing policy which takes care of high conservation forest, bio diversity and more is planted than cut,” he observed. (AR)

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