Viscose Staple Fibre

Grasim is India's pioneer in VSF — a man-made, bio-degradable fibre that is fast emerging as a sustainable alternative to cotton. A versatile fibre, VSF is used in apparel, home textiles, dress materials, knit wears and non-woven applications. Our Birla Cellulose range of fibres can be used in their original form, or can be blended with all natural and synthetic fibres for enhanced comfort and feel.

Starting production in 1954 at our Nagda facility, the business has grown steadily over six decades. The Pulp & Fibre Business derives its competitive edge from its integrated business model, with captive raw materials - dissolving grade wood pulp, caustic soda, carbon-disulphide, power generation and steam.

Through brownfield expansion and debottlenecking initiatives, we plan to expand VSF capacity to 801 KTPA from 578 KTPA by FY 2022.

  • Over 29 million garments across 30 major brands feature the LIVA tag
  • 4 Fibre plants and 1 Pulp plant in India
  • 5,78,000 TPA Aggregate India Capacity
  • 4 International JVs
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Kharach, Gujarat
Kharach, Gujarat,
162 KTPA
The unit in Kharach was set up in 1996 to manufacture VSF. It is also the hub of Grasim’s research and development.
Vilayat – Gujarat
Vilayat, Gujarat,
170 KTPA
The plant commissioned in FY2015, is Grasim’s newest VSF plant. It focuses on producing specialty fibres - modal, micro modal and dyed

Joint Ventures

AV Group NV Inc
AV Group NV Inc, Canada
AV Cell and AV Nackawic supply dissolving-grade pulp to the Aditya Birla Group’s VSF units in India, Thailand and Indonesia.
AV Terrace Bay
AV Terrace Bay, Canada
Grasim acquired assets of AV Terrace Bay, a paper-grade pulp mill, in a joint venture with Thai Rayon in July 2012.
Domsjo Fabriker AB
Domsjo Fabriker AB, Sweden
Grasim, along with Aditya Birla Group’s VSF companies, acquired Domsjo Fabriker AB, a leading Swedish specialty pulp and bio-refinery company. With this acquisition, Grasim is assured of high-quality dissolving-grade pulp.
Birla Jingwei Fibres
Birla Jingwei Fibres, China, China
The wholly-owned Aditya Birla Group company has a capacity to produce 70 KTPA of VSF, providing a strong footprint in the world’s largest VSF market.

Research & Sustainability

Grasim’s Pulp and Fibre businesses are future-focused, with a robust research & development ecosystem, even as compliance and sustainability are at the core of its operations.
  Our in-house research centres with their technological prowess add to the versatility of our product range. These innovation hubs consistently design creative solutions across our value chain – from forests to pulp and non-woven fibre.

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  • Grasim Forest Research Institute, Harihar, India
    Clonal Production Centre (CPC), Harihar, India read more +
  • Pulp and Fibre Innovation Centre (PFIC), Taloja, Maharashtra
    Pulp and Fibre Innovation Centre (PFIC), Taloja, Maharashtra read more +
  • ABCFRC, Kharach, Gujarat
    ABCFRC, Kharach, Gujarat read more +
  • Birla Research Institute, Nagda, India
    Birla Research Institute, Nagda, India read more +
  • Birla Yarn R&D Centre, Purwakarta, Indonesia
    Birla Yarn R&D Centre, Purwakarta, Indonesia read more +
  • The Textile Research and Development Centre (TRADC) read more +