Committed towards protecting the environment

Grasim continuously adopts new processes and technologies to minimise pollution and waste generation.

It has been Grasim’s endeavour to build a green environment. The company’s products including Birla Viscose, Birla Modal, Birla Excel and Birla Spunshades are USDA bio-based certified. Birla Spunshades possesses the Gold Level Material Health Certification from Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. The other green initiatives embarked by the company include:



  • New techniques leading to 30 litres of water saving for every MT of fibre. .
  • Continuous reduction in water consumption aiming for zero liquid discharge in chemicals plants.
  • In the past 5 years, the Viscose Staple Fibre (VSF) operations have reduced water consumption by 44 per cent.



  • Use of renewable sources like bark and black liquor for 80-90% of energy requirements in pulp units.
  • Promotion of solar as a source of energy for power requirements.



  • DuPont Sustainable Solutions with end-to-end safety focus for own, transporters and customers.
  • Reduction in energy consumption and GHG emission for transportation of raw materials and products.
  • Continuous training of drivers for safe movement of vehicles.


Other key highlights:


  • Viscose is the most sustainable fibre, being totally bio-degradable and made from natural materials.
  • 60% of the wood is certified by FSC®.
  • Birla Cellulose is ranked 1st by Canopy’s Hot Button Report for 2017 (No wood sourcing from endangered forests). This ranking is highly valued by global brands.
  • The company applies Higg Index to its operations and collaborates with its customers in the textile and apparel industry which make use of this tool.
  • Birla Cellulose attains ‘light green shirt’* for its commitment to Sustainable Wood Sourcing *The Hot Button Issue Report for 2018 – A Ranking of Global Viscose Producers.
  • Grasim Industries Limited’s products under the brands Birla Viscose & Birla Spunshades got the prestigious FKT Certification & FKT Label "Medically Tested – Tested for Toxins" from Globally Renowned Fördergemeinschaft Körperverträgliche Textilien e. V. (FKT) of Germany.
  • Liva, the consumer brand, in its journey towards sustainable business practices, has taken yet another step towards enhancing the sustainability quotient of their brand and the fashion industry at large through the launch of Livaeco.
  • Every Livaeco garment has a unique molecular tracer which helps the end buyer trace the origin and full journey of the garment he/she is buying.


  • Chemical business has pioneered using washed salt in India, for reduction in sludge generation.