Jaya Shree Textiles, is India's top linen brand manufacturing company. It is the only integrated linen factory in the country with state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest spinning, weaving and finishing systems from Switzerland and Italy. A leading player in the domestic linen and worsted yarn segment, the company has significantly revolutionised the Indian textile market by popularising linen in India across a wide customer base with its brand "Linen Club".

Jaya Shree Textiles was established in 1949 at Rishra in Hooghly district of West Bengal. It has successfully sailed through ups and downs of the textile business and today, has emerged as a leader in the Linen and Wool business in India.

Jaya Shree Textiles has provided the evolving Indian fashion industry with an international edge with its product portfolio containing 100 per cent pure linen sourced from French and Belgium flax. Even at the intricate stages of dyeing and finishing, new techniques are continuously developed to add brighter colours and more innovative textures to the finished product, and it is topped off by the most delicate finishing technology resulting in flawless fabric in over 3000 different weaves, textures and blends.

Over the years, Jaya Shree Textiles has become a preferred textile company for Wool Tops, 100% Wool & Wool Blended Yarns- for both weaving & knitting, pure linen yarn, pure linen fabrics & linen blended fabrics – both globally as well as in the domestic markets. It has got four strategic business units (SBUs) i.e., Linen Spinning, Linen Fabric, Wool Combing and Worsted Spinning. All four SBUs are driven by the common goal of making the workplace a source of creativity, innovation, and self-fulfilment for all employees. Jaya Shree Textiles sells its products in over 50 countries, spanning all six continents of the world.

About Linen Club
Linen is no ordinary fabric. It is a perfectionist's material. For those that have the patience and the grit to create linen, there is a special reward at the end of the toil: a textile of rare longevity, unrivalled texture and exceptional comfort. Every yard of fabric created at Linen Club is so much more than a yard of mundane cloth: it is an achievement.

Many hands touch the linen while it is being made. The skilled workers who've honed their craft at Jaya Shree Textiles for decades, the floor supervisors whose lifelong study of the fabric could earn a doctorate at any institution of learning, the engineers whose grasp on the subject is absolute, the clothiers and designers with fabulous visions of linen grandeur who are eroding the boundaries of textile brilliance; every expert hand that touches our fabric leaves something behind. A little piece of themselves. A mark of perfection.

We are proud to be certified by the European Confederation of Linen and Hemp (CELC), the only European agro-industrial organisation federating all stages of production and transformation for linen & hemp.

The finished product is always unique: fabric spun from the finest French and Belgian linen fibres in a mind-boggling palette of eclectic colours, designs and textures, boasting consummate craftsmanship in tailored as well as ready-to-wear apparel. This variety, combined with the careful application of cutting edge European technology is what separates Linen Club from its many imitators, and why the quality of our linen is so difficult to replicate.

  • Linen Capacities : Yarn – 6,200 TPA, Fabric - 10.1 million metres p.a.
  • Wool Capacities : Worsted Yarn - 26,356 spindles, Wool Combing - 8 Cards
  • Focusing on retail expansion & brand promotion to fortify ‘Linen Club’ fabric brand - retailing linen fabric through 131 EBOs and 4,000+ MBOs
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Key Facts




It is a manufacturing facility in West Bengal


The turnaround story of Jaya Shree Textiles

Jaya Shree retails linen fabric under the well-known brand “Linen Club Fabrics”.
Linen Club is India’s top linen brand. It is the only integrated linen factory in the country
with state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest spinning, weaving and finishing system
from Switzerland and Italy. From a commodity product to a lifestyle icon, from mass production to
customised designs, from high cost producer to high value provider - that's
the turnaround story of Jaya Shree Textiles.